Pokemon GO Plus

Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable peripheral add-on or device (Worn on a shirt, wrist or lapel) that connects via Bluetooth to any compatible smartphone that has the Pokemon Go app installed. This accessory is supposed to introduce the “Buddy System” which is the new update that will allow players to train their Pokemon by walking them. Also, this update will let you catch Pokemon and visit PokéStops remotely by vibrating when you are near while running in the background of your smartphone.

However, Nintendo delayed the launch of the update back in July, to release this month and said they were not worried about production concerns (as many speculated), but rather “to ensure the game itself would work properly with the accessory.” Based on what limited information has been available to the fan base of Pokémon GO, the fans believe that the delay is due to the accessory being useless from the perspective of the gameplay. This is bad news for fans and worse news for Nintendo, who would have taken a substantial share of the revenue, rather than just a small portion from Pokémon Go.

Indeed, one devoted fan compiled on Reddit, all the official descriptions of the product. Some of the items listed are known, while some fans may not have known existed and make the accessory exceedingly worthless.

Nintendo has yet to claim that Pokemon Go Plus has any distance tracking capabilities or pedometer that will allow you to hatch eggs while the game is closed. As players of Pokemon Know that the app tracks distance using GPS, not a pedometer. It is highly unlikely that Nintendo’s peripheral add-on would have the compatibility to be able to track GPS data, transfer it to an inactive app on a dormant phone.


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