Pokemon Go News & Updates
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Pokémon go was a dream comes true for devoted Pokémon fans. Although the spark it created after its release is seen no more but it is still an active part of daily routine of many players.

Recently its developers announced a device that will be connected to their phone via Bluetooth low energy called Pokemon Go Plus. This device can be considered a huge breakthrough for its developers. It is a small wearable device that lets you enjoy the game without looking at your phone. The device is shaped as a tear drop; it also changes its colors depending on the contents it receives from the game. Once you connect this device, your life will be much easier; it will vibrate and light up notifying you when you’re passing a Pokéstop or a wild pocket monster. It allows you to collect the contents just by simply pushing the button on the device. This device also tracks your steps for you which prove very useful in collecting candy from your buddies and for hatching eggs. The most amazing thing about this device is it allows you to still play the game while your phone is locked or you’re busy with another app. This flashy device will also catch a Pokémon for you but it has some specific stipulations as well, for instance, you only get one change to throw the Poké ball and also there is no choice of which type of Pokéball to throw

It costs only $35; with its spectacle usage with the game it’s not expensive for die hard Pokémon players. So gamers, be prepared to add another item in your Pokémon Go survival kit.


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