Pokemon Go News and Updates
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Niantic’s hit location-based reality game Pokémon Go still has its player base excited for the things to come in the game’s future. Nearly every game has their own Halloween Celebration, what does Pokémon Go have for this Halloween Season?

To keep players hooked, Niantic has made it a point to release updates every months for players to look forward to, and now Halloween is here and there is said to be a Halloween craze for Pokémon Go, players are excited for this and are eagerly awaiting an official announcement. Moreover, things are looking bright for this rumor since Paul Tassi had this interesting statement to say as publish in Forbes.

“I think it would be sort of funny if at least for Halloween weekend itself, Niantic made ghost type Pokémon spawn at say, a 1,000% increased rate, having Ghastly, Haunters and Gengars running wild all over the map. Given that it would only be producing candy for one Pokémon tree, it wouldn’t break the game or anything, but it would certainly fit the mood”

There has been word that the player base for Pokemon Go has not been too good recently since some found the game to be quite boring (sorry) and that for some, the hype really died down, many have shred this opinion as posted online. Niantic is aware of this and is waking an effort to make sure that they implement new things in the game to keep fans happy and hooked. There is also a case of hackers who abuse the game’s location-based style to make Pokémon hunting easier and faster, which most players found to be a deal breaker for the game, luckily Niantic was able to fix this by diligently banning players found guilty of abusing the game using third party apps.


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