Pokemon Go new update
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The latest Pokemon Go Update for iOS update 1.9.0 and Android update 0.39.0 will definitely not let the fans down as the game lets both Android and IOS users enjoy all the new goodies Niantic developers have in store for us.

According to the Pokemon Go website, changes with the Pokemon Go New Update will be fixing a few “minor” bugs in the game. They will also bring about changes with the capture location display and the functionality of the incense item in Pokemon Go Plus.

The teasing does not stop here Pokemon Go fans. Niantic says that there are some “exciting features and changes coming soon”, but alas, they are teasing us players, therefor no juicy details were provided.

This Pokemon Go New Update also brings to light the biggest game feature to date. Pokemon Go now has a buddy system and the release of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory.

Breaking down the New Update of Pokemon Go, the new feature will be specifying each Pokemon’s capture location, meaning for every Pokemon caught, the location where it was found and captured into a Pokeball can be found in the player’s information screen.

Earlier on this New Pokemon Go Update, it was mentioned that the Pokemon Go Plus accessory has also been released for player use. This give trainers the advantage of using incense from this new accessory to capture Pokemon.

The viral game that has reached about 500 million downloads since its launch last July is also rumored to have another new feature that is much awaited by trainers around the globe. The alleged Multiplayer Battle mode may or may not be part of this Pokemon Go New Update. Though this is not clear, players can be sure that the game keeps getting better and better for all us trainers.


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