Pokemon Go News and Updates
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Niantic has confirmed that they will be holding a Halloween Event for Pokemon GO and it has fans excited for all the double candy and spooky Pokemon spawn rate. The latest update has arrived and it also reveals the new egg patterns. I was previously mentioned that the Pokemon trainers can get from hatching eggs will depend on the distance required for hatching, and now the lsit of Pokemon has changed. The appearance of the egg will also be different for each of the distance types.

Another change that is implemented in this new Pokemon GO update is the new type icon that appears in the information window of each Pokemon. Moreover, there will now be a notification that pops up whenever your device is running low on battery. The patch notes for bot operating system updates revealed bug fixes for minor issues, the bugs that were fixed were not written in detail by Niantic.

With regard to the Halloween event for Pokemon GO, spooky Pokemon will appear more frequently, these include Gastly, Haunter, Drowzee, Gengar, Golbat, Hypno and Zubat. These spooky Pokemon will be encountered a lot during the Halloween event and trainers don’t even have to rely on the tracker to collect these creatures.

In an effort to attract old players back into the game, Niantic also included a double candy bonus for every Pokemon a trainer captures and for every Pokemon a trainer transfers to the Professor as well. This Halloween event is surely a great opportunity to farm up those candies to evolve your favorite Pokemon.

The Halloween event for Pokemon Go will start on October 26 until November 1.


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