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Yes, there are hacks for you if you want to play Pokémon GO while sitting in your room. On the internet, people share multiple tips and hack to help people catch Pokémon at home. Using these, they can hunt down some rare Pokémon with no exercise effort or waste their sweat.

These hacks help a lot of people. For those who don’t have time, but still need to compare their Pokémon collection with their buddies, now they just need to stay in place and tap. However, they also negatively affect the honest players. These cheating behaviors are very popular in many online games. Due to the unfairness, many games have been ruined, as the honest players soon get bored and drop the game forever. Fortunately, Niantic-the producer of Pokémon GO has taken their actions. With the recent updates for the game, using a third-party app to gain the advantages is not anymore allowed. Besides, the players who try to cheat the game will receive the greatest punishment. That is, their accounts with all Pokémon data will be banned forever.

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Of course, in this battle between the hackers and the producers, there is no easy win. The crackers continuously explore many new methods to bypass the rule. Players can still find somewhere on the internet methods to catch the Pokémon without wandering, as well as being banned from Niantic.

Pokémon GO Incense – the friend of poke-cheaters:

Incense is a popular tool on the internet, which can help people hunting Pokémon at their desks. The thing players need to do is opening incense for 30 minutes. The Pokémon will be lured out to their positions. Players don’t even need to hunt them, as they will strike directly to the bait. There are many other tools on internet for Pokémon GO hacks.

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