Pokemon go gen 2
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To keep the interest alive a new step is being taken; introducing Gen 2. Its new features will take the gaming experience to a brand new level.

It is being told that Pokemon GO Gen 2 will be armored with different new exciting updates like including buddy Pokémon, additional incense types, trading, legendary Pokémon and much more. It is also being told that Gen 2 will be bringing 100 new Pokémon, and 86 new moves will be added into the game. The most talked about, and thrilled new update known as Baby Pokémon is the newly added to raise the bar of interest.

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So, the methodology of Baby Pokémon is that Pokémon are being hatched and then through Pokémon breeding, it will be assured that Pokémon like Onyx, Chansey keeps going through the evolutionary phases. In Pokémon GO Gen 2 breeding will be to the extent of some Pokémon, and it assumed that in the process of producing legendary types they cannot be bred. A gaming website gave the information that some of the legendary Pokémon players that were missing in the 1st edition will be part of Pokémon GO Gen 2and can be captured by the players.

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To make things easy, a new Pokémon egg chart is being posted online to give the idea that which possible Pokémon might come out of eggs. The chart is quite similar to 1st generation egg chart so that Niantic will make it follow the same pattern is highly possible. There will be a variety of incense which would in return gain the attention of more Pokémon classes and their reliance on a variety of elements that are being used. VR support will be allowed in this new edition.

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