pokemon go cheats
(Image : AndroidPIT)

In order to catch every Pokémon in Pokemon GO the easy way without getting yourself and your phone banned, players can use the Pokemon GO ‘Save Location’ All you have to do is tap on the map and zoom in, and it will actually show you Pokémon icons. Choose which Pokémon you want to hunt down and capture, and you can navigate to the location of that Pokémon using the app. This Pokemon GO Cheats also offers a scanned to find exactly which Pokémon it is they are after.

The Pokemon GO Cheat will also let the player save location to effectively minimize the risk of getting soft banned, or worse by Niantic. This makes it so that when the player launches the app again, the location will be where the player left it in the Pokemon GO world and not at the actual location the person is at, this will avoid getting caught in Niantic’s radar of players who miraculously travel a hundred kilometers in five minutes.

To make things more interesting, this Pokemon GO Cheat will also have an ‘Auto-locate Pokémon feature. As most of the players may be familiar with, from time to time there will be a small silhouette of a Pokémon appearing at the bottom of the screen that indicates that a specific Pokémon is nearby. This Pokemon GO Cheat will let the player simple tap on the silhouette and the player’s avatar will automatically walk to where the target is.

All these new Pokemon GO Cheat will minimize the chance of getting banned in the game, but of course, players are still advised to be careful of doing any suspicious behavior, namely anything that would look like teleporting from one place to another at an unreasonable speed.


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