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The introduction of Pokémon Go makes the whole world trembled with the attraction and addiction of the gameplay. For a long time, there have not been any game which causes a significant impact as this. In spite of many traffic accidents as well as different point of views about its harms and benefits, the game gain so much attention from every corner of this world (Of course, only where the internet can cover). A huge number of people go crazy, run around the city like maniacs to hunt down a Pokémon. From day to day, players now are totally addicted to it.

Naturally, they try to look for paths to win more. And, if there is a demand, surely, there will be supply. Similar to many previous online games, people think of the way to hack and cheat and trick for the benefit of whom, who try to win the game unfairly. Obviously, the producer – Niantic have to take their action.

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Since the game was introduced, players have discovered many methods to bypass the difficulties in the game, including using a drone to catch Pokémon or making a bot hunt down those innocent virtual animals indiscriminately. Even many players have been banned forever, and the sin is still there. However, shortly, these players will face more challenges as Niantic will apply a new Captcha System in game security. The Captcha will stop players from different kinds of hacking methods, especially the third-party apps which create bots to bypass the game automatically. The System is developing and soon will be released. However, the honest players may also be suffered, as the security might also affect the map. If Niantic is really serious with cheating and hacking, they may apply the captcha for all APIs from third parties. Since Pokémon Go uses the map from other company, the captcha system will affect the gameplay. Whenever players do any suspicious action, they need to enter the captcha by hand, and this is annoying. However, if Niantic only limits the security on behaviors such as spinning a PokéStop or catching a Pokémon, the maps might still work.

Steven Bartell, the hacker, which makes the automatic bot called instal-PokeGo, believes that if Niantic publishes their new law, it will be tough to bypass as currently, there is still no software to identify the captcha exactly. Actually, according to Business Insider, Bartell will have to close the Install-PokeGo website to protect the users from being banned. This website exploits an error in the game to create a bot, which helps players to catch over 3.3 million Pokémon in a week.

However, there is still hope for those who want to cheat the game. As the unequal battle between black-hat hackers and software producer has never reached the end point. The producers put all their effort to fix all errors and the hacker team, which has many more talents around the world, is always one step ahead.


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