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Pokemon Go Cheats are disclosed by the professional hackers and for the benefit of the new players. Pokemon Go is one of the leading gaming sensations of the period. Weeks after its introduction, millions of players are walking in their towns and cities eager to capture them for becoming the greatest. But for all its encouraging potentials, the game doesn’t make entirely clear to novices.

There are lots of commands that will benefit you succeeding at Pokemon Go, but these are not fully clear. And above, there are some tricks & cheats that the professionals have already exposed, such as the circumstance where you can get Pikachu as your initial character of Pokemon Go.

Here are 3 Pokemon Go Cheats you must be acquainted with.

1. Utilize GPS spoofer a smart Pokemon Go Cheats

If your focus is to get more PokeBalls or just normally play it without any difficulty, then there are techniques to dodge the system. However performing so is tremendously tricky and you may even get banned from Niantic, so it is truly not suggested.

If you’re using Android device, you’ll first need to reboot your phone. Installing Hide My Root can prevent the device from any GPS tracking. After that, you can install a GPS spoofer app and must be clever enough to use it. This is practically a fake GPS app which will reveal that the gamer is making some movement in the game, but in reality, there are no such movements. It is also advised to check that the application does not feature in the list of the banned applications of Niantic Corporation. The Company constantly monitors the use of hacks in a game, and so it can also prevent the gamer from any future access.

2. You Can Get Pikachu as Your Starter using Pokemon Go Cheats

When you jump into the game, you’re provided the options to select the characters like Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. But if you aren’t pleased with those selections, there’s truly an amazing way of receiving Pikachu instead.

When the above-mentioned three Pokemon characters appear at the start of the game, don’t pick any of the characters. Instead, skip for an instance. As you keep skipping, the same three characters will constantly appear next to you. But when you do the same activity and force skip them four times, finally Pikachu will appear as a choice.

That completely sounds like a fake Internet gossip, but in this event, it occurs to be real. It takes a little sweat to get it right truly, and it needs you to walk around pointlessly like a fool, but Pikachu is a worth.

3. Place Pokémon at gyms and get coins using Pokemon Go Cheats

New performers will find their bank short of points, which are utilized to purchase stuff, rapidly, and that’s why being a regulator of the gym is vital.

Once you make to level five, you’ll require to either taking the possession of a gym or you need to join the gym which your Pokemon team was allotted previously and guard it.


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