Pokémon Go
(Credits : Youtube)

For Pokémon Go lovers, there is good news if you always strive to look for that legendary Pokémon then your way to find it is easy now. The Buddy system was first introduced on AeonLucid’s PogoProtos, which is the largest GitHub repository used to analyze Pokémon GO network traffic. The system was introduced in the code base in 0.35.0 update.

The information available right now is the following:

  • The same server side distance calculation is used for Pokémon Buddy System, which was used for Pokémon Eggs.
  • If you decide to walk the Pokémon Buddy, you will be gifted candies. However, we don’t yet know how many ones.
  • The same Pokémon can be gone for a walk for several times, though there should be a daily limit for the candies you receive.
  • You have opportunity to walk only one Buddy Pokémon at a time
  • Buddy Pokémon looks became different – it may be of medium or big size, it may just sit on your shoulder or fly nearby

Code Analysis:

There is also a discussion of details connected with the code in the next several paragraphs. The information provided is simple and accurate. So you are free to ask any questions in the comments if you are not acquainted with software development and coding.

The system of Pokémon Buddy seems convenient and encouraging. Its updated version is expected to be available during the following week as the Egg distance walked calculation and multiple existing endpoints are going to be reused.


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