pokemon go update
(Credits: IGN)

Pokemon Generations Episode 3 has been titled The Challenger which stars professor oak’s grandson Blue who is the rival of Red. This is the following sequel of the previous episodes of this television show. The new episode is a live version. As named the two teams challenge each other during the combat. This is 5min episode where Blue battles against Kanto’s Elite 4.This entire confrontation take place off screen. The characters who are introduced are Bruno, Agatha, Lorelei. They come along with Pokemon Gengar, Dragonite, Lapras, Machamp.

The game has created a huge buzz among its fans. The final battle is the most interesting event in the entire game. In the last confrontation, Blue is seen waiting for Red in the Indigo Plateau room. This indigo plateau room takes us to the previous versions of the show where the two teams are supposed to meet in the Champion room.

The Pokemon Generations series are celebrating their twentieth century as one of the popular television shows. The video released has earned a higher rating among its viewers. This episode puts it’s spotlight on the Elite4. Pokémon Generations Episode 3 is a revelation of the hidden plots that are kept in store for the fans to explore once they venture into this new episode of the Pokemon series that has a lot of entertainment to provide.


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