world of final fantasy
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Due to lack of storage space, the cartridge in the PS Vita version will not have the Japanese voice-overs. However, Square Enix will release a free downloadable content of the Japanese voice-overs.

Square Enix has shared the following details regarding the game:

• Share Button PlayStation 4: There are no restrictions on the recording, live streaming, or taking screenshots. The Share button will facilitate the sharing of the opening as well as the ending.

• Day One Patch: When World of Final Fantasy is launched. It means a multiplayer will also be added to the PlayStation 4 version.

• Cross Save: Cross-save is supported.

• Multiplayer: This will facilitate a game where you can trade and battle with other players.

• Pre-Order Bonuses: After the tutorial chapter, you will be able to access and obtain your special Mirage pre-order bonuses in the game section at the arena. The Sephiroth bonus will also be available and obtainable at this time.

• Astraea Mirage: A Mirage (monster) which is Astraea, from Square Enix’s shoot ‘em up Einhander, will appear. In Japan, Einhander is available as a bonus, if the game is purchased at GEO.

Get set and go! People are waiting with bated breath for the launch of these exciting games! The scheduled release of World of Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America is October 25, Japan it is October 27 and in Europe, it is October 28.


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