PlayStation 4

It has been confirmed by the Bethesda that Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods will not be released for PlayStation 4. Not long after this news Microsoft started spreading the news in their own taunting way.

But it does not stop there. Xbox’s official twitter account is also posting some discouraging words for PlayStation users and PlayStation itself as well. They seem like taunting them indirectly by telling their followers that Xbox supports all, which PlayStation can’t. The way they tweeted it is quite interesting.

Microsoft fans are not sitting quietly either. Fans have great response to Microsoft’s team accounts. It is no secret that Microsoft and Sony are the greatest opponents when it comes to gaming consoles. And both don’t waste a single opportunity to show each other who is the boss. But fans play the main part in all this. Even in normal life I hear users of both consoles arguing over which one is the best. But this time Microsoft seems like winning.

PlayStation 4 is being criticized by Microsoft

It seems like this war between both companies and their fans is never ending. Regardless of which one is best, one must admit that both the consoles have great fan following and users. It’s hard for one to choose between the both. But after the sneak peak of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro it sounds like Microsoft is somehow winning this war. But then again with PlayStation 4 pro’s 4K resolution it’s hard to choose who’s on the winning side.


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