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Gym Battle Guide: Fight and Defend

Follow these steps:

1. Find and catch Pokémon to level up your trainer
2. Level 5: You can now select a team that’s close to you: Mystic (blue), Valor (red) or Instinct (yellow).
3. Pick a gym: Choose one that’s close to you
N.B.: Unclaimed gyms are in gray. You can take them over but bear in mind they are far.
4. To see members in a gym tap on it and swipe
You can join if there are any open slots or better still send a Pokémon to train and earn points and prestige.

N.B.: At this level, you can also wait for a gym to fend off a few attacks as this can open up more slots for newbies.

Attacking and Taking Over a Gym

When planning on attacking or taking over a gym takes note of the following:

1. Your Pokémon should be as strong as your trainer level. Strength of the Pokémon is measured by combat points (CP)
2. The Lower your level is, the weaker the Pokémon

Defend Your Gym

When you take over a gym, it means you also need to defend it which is true of anything that belongs to you. This means that the Pokémon you assign for this task should be strong as this will bring prestige to your gym. If you assign a weaker Pokémon, it just means the opposing team will have no difficulty taking over your gym.

Are you ready to take over and defend your gym? Let’s do this?

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