Plants Vs Zombies Heroes
(Credits : Youtube)

Plants vs. Zombies, one of the most memorable and enjoyable arcade games is finally getting another installment and it is Hearthstone inspired! Today, there are already several versions of Plants vs. Zombies, it all started as a flower defense game, and now there is even an actual third person shooting game of Plants vs. Zombies. At present, the battle that the undead and the garden fold have been having for years had now entered the world of collectible card games. The game is called Plants vs. Zombies heroes and many see it is Hearthstone with lanes.

A per Kotaku, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes will be a free-to-play card game designed for iOS and Android. It is now made available for download on the AppStore and the PlayStore. Much similar to Blizzard’s hit card game Hearthstone, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes features a gameplay that requires players to craft their own deck consisting of 20 plant or zombie heroes, all of which have their own special ability that can help the player conquer enemy decks.

However, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes will still keep the lane-style gameplay similar to the original Plants vs. Zombies game. This will enable the player to cook up different sets of strategies to bring their opponent down. Presently, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes has been going well since release and there are already numerous positive reviews. To keep players engaged, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes also has a ranking system that will give the players the opportunity to compete against each other in an online ranked match. There are also Daily quests to keep players busy that will bare them fruitful rewards such as roster expansion for Heroes and Sidekicks. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is now available for download, give the game a try and let us know how it goes!


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