Phil Heath didn’t take part in the 2019 Olympia, however, it doesn’t mean he decided to give up and roll with being number two at the world’s biggest contest. The bodybuilder is working hard no matter what happens and his body looks just as great as if he would prepare to compete.

Due to the recent news, Phil weighs 260 pounds and stays incredibly lean. While fans of the sportsman are eager to see his upgraded physique, he shares only some details about his current condition.

The big question is whether we are going to see Phil on the professional stage in the nearest future. While some people say it’s pointless to stop competing being in such a great shape, others compare Phil to his famous competitor Kai Greene who stopped competing, being one of the best bodybuilders in the world.

Is it possible that Phil is preparing to take a long break in his career? Most sports experts don’t believe in that, predicting that Phil will be back to Olympia in 2020. Nevertheless, while there’s no official announcement from Phil, it’s hard to know for sure what his plans are.


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