Saturday, July 31, 2021

Phil Heath Trains Insanely Hard Before 2020 Olympia: “I’m so freakin possessed to get my crown back”

What can be harder than getting the Olympia crown? Living without it after 7 years of reign, perhaps! Phil Heath broke his silence and is now speaking about his return. The sportsman craves another victory this year!

“Do or die!” can become the new motto for Phil Heath. The sports legend confesses that all he can think about is the upcoming contest. No matter how hard it’s going to be, Phil is planning to return his champion status. One of the best bodybuilders in the world works insanely hard to achieve a perfect physique.

Phil has already won Olympia 7 times since the beginning of his pro career. Such a record is definitely a ticket to becoming a part of sports history. Yet Phil decided he was born for something bigger. The ex-champion can’t live without his throne. This pushes him to train extra hard before the upcoming contest.

Phil’s return became the desired yet quite unexpected surprise for his fans. The sportsman kept silent about his plans until recently. Such behavior and a year-break that was taken previously made us believe Phil was about to quit the contest. Yet he explained he only needed extra time to put his thoughts in order.

Now when the final goal is set, the sportsman spends most of his days in the gym. Phil has been preparing for the 2020 contest since the middle of September. “I’m so freakin possessed to get my crown back words cannot explain my mindset right now” – the bodybuilder said. This time he decided not to stay in the shadows. Phil shares daily reports about his preparation on his social accounts.

If Phil manages to win the Olympia again, he will stand in line with Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney. Both legendary bodybuilders won the Olympia contest 8 times in their careers. Phil Heath now has a great opportunity to become the third man to win Olympia 8 times.

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