Phil Heath Told How His Life Changed After Losing 2018 Olympia

Phil Heath was keeping the Olympia throne for seven years. That’s a great record in the world of bodybuilding and a really rare case for any sport.

However, the longer a sportsman stays on the top, the more painful his loss becomes. That’s what happened to Phil. This year he lost his first place, giving the champion title to Shawn Rhoden. Sports experts could only predict what would happen to the former champion after the loss.

It’s obvious that 2018 Olympia has become one of the most painful episodes in Heath’s sports career. What does the sportsman feel now, when his place is unexpectedly taken after his seven-years reign?

Phil told that the loss is still very painful. However, now when he can clearly realize what happened he has learned to see some positive sides of the situation. Now he can see who is really on his side and who he can trust. His loss has become a real test for his friends and professional partners.

The loss also allowed Heath noticing some cons in his training and preparation process and inspired him for some great changes.

Phil Heath also revealed some plans that have no direct connection with his bodybuilding performance. He wants to concentrate on other spheres of his life except sport. However, it doesn’t mean that he has denied an idea to return his Mr. Olympia title in the nearest time.

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