Phil Heath Told That Hard Work Was the Key to His Success, Not the Talent

2018 was kind of a difficult year for Phil Heath. The sportsman who won Mr. Olympia title seven years in a row was easily dethroned by his opponent Shawn Rhoden. However, not only the loss of his champion title became an unpleasant surprise for Heath.

The sportsman faced a huge wave of criticism. After showing a nice result and finishing 2018 Olympia being second, Phil was called a loser. That was simply unfair. Later the bodybuilder confessed he had to prepare for the competition, having some health issues. Soon after the contest was over, Heath was in the hospital for serious surgery.

It seems like last year was a really hard test for the ex-champion. There were moments that made his fans think he was going to give up. However, soon the sports society understood, Heath was not the one to forget about his goals quickly.

Now, when the bodybuilder managed to overcome his depression and disappointment, he’s ready for new victories and achievements. Just a few days ago the sportsman told that bodybuilding was that special challenge that changed his life, taught him to be strong, determined and confident.

Recently, Phil posted an interesting photo from his old archive. It shows Phil training in 2009, during his preparation for the annual Olympia contest. The young sportsman looked simply amazing.

Phil told that not genetics or talent helped him to become what he is. He said that hard work always meant more than any inborn qualities. Phil advised his followers not to count on talent: “When talent works hard it’s fucking over for you! Go get your success everyone and be sure to give thanks to those who help you along the way.”.

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It’s all in the details. I believe this was taken during 2009 Olympia prep as back then I trained legs in my old college basketball shorts. I’m not sure what was going through my mind during this pic, but I’m sure it had something to do with whoopin somebody’s ass on stage lol. Hope everyone is having a great week and that you’re kicking some major ass inside and outside of the gym. They say “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” but I say “when talent works hard it’s fucking over for you!” Go get your success everyone and be sure to give thanks to those who help you along the way. #PhilHeath #7xmrolympia #giftedathletics #phitapp #tbt #fatgripz #schieksportsinc #compex #musclesound #milehighmeats #5280cryo #ThisDudesGotSlabsOnHisLegs

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