Phil Heath Showed an Exercise That Made Him a Champion

2018 was quite an unsuccessful year for Phil. He lost his Olympia crown that used to belong to him for seven years in a row.

However, he can never lose his knowledge, expertise, and ability to work hard. Who knows, maybe, already this year he will return his champion title back. In any case, the true living legend and one of the best bodybuilders in the history of the sport is worth being listened to.

Before the beginning of the year, Phil showed one of his favorite exercises, explaining his fans all the details and rules about it. Phil has repeatedly told that he and his coaches choose the exercises very carefully and never waste time on training that brings no effects.

Moreover, Phil also avoids traumatic exercises and learn everything about the safest training techniques. The former champion believes that getting a trauma while training is one of the worst things that may happen as this always push you back, ruining the achieved result. The issue of safety is especially important now, some months after Phil had a surgery. 

Many bodybuilders say that Phil’s social accounts are very informative and educative. Each video of Heath’s training inspires and gives new training ideas to thousands of sportsmen.

The secret exercise that, as Phil thinks, has helped the sportsman to build a great physique is called Jefferson Squad. It’s quite a rare exercise, that is not as difficult as many people may think. It’s also very effective if to make it correctly.

Phil noticed that there are only a few sportsmen that pay a deserved attention to the exercise. That’s why he decided to share some informational video about his training and the exercise itself.

Fans of the bodybuilder and those sportsmen who are looking for more effective ways of training have appreciated the video message of the former champion, calling it great!

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