Offseason is a great and very important time. It gives sportsmen a chance to relax and restore, to decide their personal issues and to cure their professional diseases. However, if you think that offseason is a kind of vacation, you are not right.

Offseason is a great time to gain some muscles and to try new training techniques. This time sportsmen work on the physical base that will allow them to look great and massive on the stage. Comparing the way bodybuilders look during the offseason and right before or during the bodybuilding contests, you can notice a great difference. However, the offseason physique also allows evaluating a sportsman’s work and potential.

It’s always interesting to see how the top bodybuilders look preparing for the upcoming contests. And, fortunately, some of them are always ready to demonstrate the result of their muscle gaining during the offseason.

The closer the Arnold Classic contest is, the clearer we understand that the offseason is almost over. Soon the sportsmen will add more cardio exercises and will change their diets to lose some fat and to make their bodies look more lean and shredded.

These last months of the offseason is the last chance to see the pre-competition physique of the popular bodybuilders. Sportsmen like Phil Heath, Nathan De Asha, and Regan Grimes has already shared their results and pictures to show how their bodies look during the offseason.

Looking at the sportsmen, you can see the amount of work that has been done during the latest months. All sportsmen look great, however, watching a specially prepared video, you can easily say who of them has been the most hard-working this time.


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