Phil Heath is 39 now and has all the chances to win WWE title. Here is what multi-time Mr. Olympia replied to his fans after they discussed the possibility of him joining the WWE on Twitter: “If my back and hips can take it I’d be down no question about it”.

Check out his Twitter post:

“As much as I loved watching you win Sandows. I think people gotta remember you were/are an athlete too. Wouldn’t mind seeing you transition into the @WWE for a stint and pick up a belt or two. Wrestling fans have never seen anything like YOU”.

They call Phil Heath “Gift” for good reason, while one has to be really special to win Mr. Olympia seven times. And Phil Heath is one of those who look really impressive on the stage!

After Heath appeared in Monday Night Raw with a pro wrestler and his good buddy Mojo Rawley in 2018, we all wonder whether he would consider wrestling.

Do you think we will see Phil Heath wrestling in the WWE?


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