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Phil Heath Is Back to Gym

Phil Heath won Olympia 7 times. He took the first place in 2011 and was holding the throne during the next seven years. However, 2018 Olympia surprised fans of the sportsman. The first place was taken by Shawn Rhoden. Phil Heath became number two this year.

All fans of bodybuilding have been waiting for Heath reaction. Some critics told that the loss marked the end of Phil’s successful career, others believed that the situation will lead to Heath depression. Sports society was intrigued by a post of Phil’s wife.

Soon after the competition was over, Shurie Heath wife of Phil Heath posted a strange message in her Instagram account. She wrote: “You’ll never see him again!”. The message was deleted soon after being posted. However, most fans of the sportsman took it as an evidence of the end of his career.

However, just in a couple of days Phil Heath’s wife shared another post dedicated to her husband. A new video showing one of the recent Phil’s workouts appeared in Shurie Instagram.

In a few days, Phil posted a photo where he was posing during his training. He looked happy and cheerful with no signs of being depressed or upset.


The same day The Lift Factory posted a picture with smiling Phil and a phrase: “It ain’t over!”. It looks like negative prognosis about the end of Phil Heath’s career is incorrect. The sportsman looks very confident and concentrated on his future achievements.


This year Olympia was full of surprises and unexpected moments. However, next year competition has all chances to become one of the most intriguing bodybuilding events in the history of the sport.

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