Persona 5

Persona 5 is one of those games that have caught the attention of both Japanese players and those in the US, all of which are awaiting the release date of Persona 5. The new role-playing game was recently announced to be released in the US on Feb. 14, 2017. That being said, the wait will not be unbearably long and there are Persona 5 DLC packs to save up for.

Atlus is planning to release the Persona 5 DLCs this December and that will mean loads of new costumes. Since the company is celebrating their 20th Anniversary from December 8 to December 18, and to show their love for their loyal fans, the company will be giving away free DLCs.  These free DLCs for the 20th Anniversary celebration include the 20th Anniversary theme set for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, a new anniversary logo that features Morgana’s Car sticker. Moreover, there will also be free Maid and Butler costume sets for Persona 5. It is worth mentioning that the DLCs will not be immediately available for those who qualify to get the freebies, all those are actually reserved for a later date but nonetheless, still free.

Atlus USA has released a new character trailer for Ann Takamaki, the feisty blonde female character will be voiced by Erica Harlacher who appears to be happy to be playing Ms. Tamaki as she herself is an avid fan of the Persona series. The first trailer also features Harlacher in an interview as she talks about Ann Takamaki and how she feels about playing the role.


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