Perhaps, the Biggest Cheat Meal Ever Eaten Was Shown By Houston Jones

There’s always a reason to have a weekly cheat meal. It’s twice reasonable to have a cheat meal at Thanksgiving celebration.

Bodybuilders are lucky to have lots of holidays during the offseason. However, even if you are concentrated on gaining weight, you still shall control your diet and be attentive to what you put in your mouth.

Those who are thinking about keeping a great physique any time of a year, keep taking a great care about their nutrition even if the competitions are not planned soon. That’s why many sportsmen prefer combining a cheat meal day and a family celebration. That’s a fine solution not to eat some unwanted calories twice a week and not to upset your friends and family denying the tasty dishes on the table.

This year Thanksgiving day is a massive cheat meal day for hundreds of sportsmen. Check a couple of Instagram accounts of some famous bodybuilders from the USA and you can see all ultimate variations of a cheat meal menu.

This day you can see a lot of yummies instead of protein bars and vegetable smoothies. You shall not also wonder seeing your favorite bodybuilding starts eating huge portions of home-cooked meals instead of posing in the gym or posing with a piece of a grilled salmon. However, you will definitely wonder seeing the size of a cheat meal that Houston Jones had for this Thanksgiving Day.

The bodybuilder shared a video of himself eating a 20-pound turkey – the giant portion that is too big even for a very hungry sportsman. Let’s see if someone will dare to eat anything bigger!


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