American Horror Story Season 6
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The American Horror Story Season 6 is set to hit TV screens a few days to come, but its theme remains a mystery. Only a few days to the release of the much anticipated Season 6 of the American Horror Story hit TV series; its progress is well received by fans. In the TV series is the new song by Lady Gaga, Perfect Illusion.

Well, the said clip is given the name “Illusion” and probably you may wonder; was it a coincidence? … maybe not!

Lady Gaga is expected to be back in Season 6 after her appearance in the American Horror Story: Hotel.

She bagged the prestigious Golden Globe award in recognition of her role in the miniseries. The American Horror Story features season 6 promo trailers, which may be teasing what could be the theme of the forthcoming series. However, for the fans, it has just been confusing and mysterious with the trailers.

It may have been part of the gimmick to keep the theme of the series a secret.

John Landgraf, the FX head has said that they have laid out the series’ themes, but have felt it as fun to make them a mystery to the fans. Despite the mystery, there is one thing for sure – this is the return of some key cast members who include Evans Peters, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Wes Bentley, Angela Bassett, Matt Bomer, and the famous singer-actress Lady Gaga. However, the specific roles these cast members play has not yet been disclosed.

For the fans, they will not be waiting longer as the Season 6 of the American Horror Story will be premiering on Wednesday, September 14.


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