Pepe Aguilar
Pepe Aguilar

Pepe Aguilar may be loved by many but his son is certainly being loathed by millions right now!

Human Trafficking is the worst abuse and insult that the unprivileged people across the whole wide world are facing at the hands of evil beings such as famous singer and song writer Pepe Aguilar’s son.

Pepe Aguilar’s son Jose Aguilar has been caught red handed by the United Stated Custom Officials when he was transporting four Chinese illegal migrants in to California, as you can see the Chinese tied in the boot of Jose Aguilar’s white car. When the Federal officials reached them they were unconscious and tightly tied the scene was heart wrenching. You would never except people like Pepe Aguilar’s son Jose Aguilar to be involved in such heinous acts but sadly they are. What can we say about the world where educated people are exploiting the non privileged, it is a sad day for humanity and even a sadder day for Pepe Aguilar’s family whose son Jose Aguilar has failed them badly and sadly?

Pepe Aguilar
Pepe Aguilar

The Aguilar family has hired famous and very competent lawyer Jeremy Warren to protect their son from this allegation, which is not just an allegation but a clear cut case of smuggling people. The famous lawyer claims that the music maestro Pepe Aguilar had nothing to do with this who scenario and should be kept out of it rather than throwing shade and dirt on him.
Pepe Aguilar is a music maestro and is highly respected in both the Mexican and American communities, he has several Grammy awards to his name and is one of the most popular and celebrated mariachi singer.

Pepe Aguilar has his own star at the Hollywood walk of fame, four Latin Grammy awards and four Grammy awards to his name.

His lawyer is defending the singer’s reputation but is that enough? Who is responsible for his son’s heinous and unforgiveable actions, where every single day the world is campaigning to stop human trafficking famous people like Jose Aguilar is involved in it! What does it say about our society and its norms?  The world is becoming worse every single day and it is solely because of privileged people like Jose Aguilar who are educated and have all the luxuries of life but still manage to disappoint us with their irresponsible actions towards the nation, society, America and the world!

Details of Pepe aguilar’s son Jose aguilar’s involvement in this heinous crime became evident and emerged this Friday, March 31st, 2017 while the illegal immigrants were arrested two weeks back.

The illegal Chinese immigrants claimed that Jose Aguilar asked $3000 to $60,000 for trafficking the illegal immigrants across the US border into the state of California.

This is a clear cut case of gaining benefit by transporting illegal immigrants across the US border into the state of California.

According to Jose Aguilar’s lawyer Jeremy Warren, Jose Aguilar will not answer the press at any cost and will only address this issue in court.

Wow now that is one way to evade from the questions of journalists? 

Mr. Aguilar is a citizen of the United States of America who is sane and is responsible for his own actions, he was released on bail and his arrangement is yet pending.

According to the Federal agents at the United States Customs and Border Protection, Jose Aguilar was arrested live and caught red handed at the San Diego border when a sniffer Doberman dog signaled the US custom’s Federal Agents about the Chinese illegal immigrants presence in the boot of Jose Aguilar’s car.

This is a clear cut case of gaining monetary benefits by smuggling illegal immigrants across the US border. Where worldwide campaigns have been going on forcefully to stop illegal immigration and human trafficking people like Jose Aguilar have raised questions not only on Pepe Aguilar’s upbringing but also on moral values that we are imparting to our kids.

Let’s take a stand against this heinous act and give the privileged like Pepe Aguilar’s  son Jose Aguilar a taste of their own medicine so next time just for sake of few thousand dollars they do not agree to anything illegal.

This will set an example not only in the United States of America but also worldwide that does not matter who so ever is your parent and whatever class you belong from justice stands above all and shall prevail.

Pepe Aguilar is not responsible in this case at all and there is no point of throwing shade and dirt on him for his son Jose Aguilar’s action but he is responsible for his son Jose Aguilar’s upbringing. Well that is life for you sometimes the least expected happens and that is what has happened with Pepe Aguilar.

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