Pepe Aguilar
Pepe Aguilar

Pepe Aguilar, the son of the popular Mexican singer has been arrested in California for people smuggling.

US customs officials say

Federal agents arrested Jose Aguilar. The lawyer representing Mr Aguilar, Jeremy Warren, said the case had nothing to do with the famous singer.

 “Jose Aguilar is a young man who will address this matter in court, not with the press,” he said.

The arrest took place two weeks ago – but details, including Jose Aguilar’s involvement, emerged on Friday. US Customs and Border Protection said Mr Aguilar was arrested at the border in San Diego after a sniffer dog alerted federal agents to the stowaways in the boot of his car. The migrants reportedly said they had agreed to pay Mr Aguilar between $3,000 and $60,000 (£2,390 and £47,830) to be smuggled into the US. Mr Aguilar, who is a US citizen, was released on bail pending his arraignment.

The son of Mexican mariachi superstar Pepe Aguilar has been arrested at a U.S.-Mexico border crossing on allegations of attempting to smuggle four Chinese nationals in to the United States. Jose Aguilar’s attorney, Jeremy Warren, said Friday that his client will tell his side in court. He said the Grammy-winning musician has nothing to do with his son’s arrest.

Warren declined to comment further. TMZ first reported the March 14 arrest at the Tijuana-San Ysidro port of entry in San Diego. According to court documents, inspectors found four Chinese nationals in the trunk of his car.

The immigrants said they had to pay anywhere $3,000 to $60,000 if they were smuggled into the U.S. Jose Aguilar has been released on bond. The terms of his bond include not leaving San Diego or traveling to Mexico. He cannot use drugs unless prescribed, cannot be in possession of firearms, must live with his mother and undergo psychiatric counseling. The complaint says two of the immigrants were headed to Los Angeles and two were going to New York.

Pepe Aguilar is music royalty in Mexico, known for his re-makes of mariachi classics. He’s so famous, he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but now an image of four Chinese immigrants packed into a trunk like sardines will be associated with Pepe Aguilar.

On March 14, Aguilar’s son,

Jose Emiliano was stopped while trying to drive a car from Tijuana into San Diego. U.S. Customs and Border Protection found two men and two women in the truck. The Chinese nationals each agreed to pay between $3,000 and $60,000 if they made into the U.S.

“That is very crazy,” said Aguilar fan Anna Acuna. “I never thought about that. I was like, ‘Wow! That is incredible.'”

The arrest happened March 14, but the driver’s connection to his famous dad wasn’t made until just yesterday.

Jenny Garcia’s parents are fans of Aguilar’s music. She says the arrest in unlikely to change their support for the singer and judge of Mexico’s version of ‘The Voice.'”

“A lot of Hispanic singers, somehow their family always gets involved with something crazy like that,” said Garcia.

Pepe Aguilar is expected to sell out a show at the Greek Theater in L.A. on April 22. He’s been on tour, promoting his new album and he was just on Good Day LA Wednesday before news broke of his son’s arrest.

Subsequent interviews,

The guys advised officers they’d agreed to pay Aguilar among $3,000 and $60,000 every for being successfully smuggled into the U.S.  Of them said they have been going to los angeles and different two admitted they were headed to big apple town, the grievance states.

Aguilar changed into booked and released on $15,000 bond even as waiting for his arraignment. Beneath the terms of his release, he became ordered to live with his mom, isn’t allowed to depart Southern California and need to undergo counseling.

 In a announcement Friday, Aguilar’s attorney Jeremy Warren wrote:

“We understand the hobby in our customer Jose Aguilar because of his father’s musical profession. But, this case has nothing to do with Pepe Aguilar. Jose Aguilar is younger man who will cope with this matter in courtroom, and no longer within the press.

“We remember the fact that Pepe Aguilar will offer a declaration shortly. Within the meantime, we ask which you respect the circle of relatives’s privacy.”

The four chinese guys had been positioned underneath an immigration keep even as waiting for deportation lawsuits, CBP reviews. Aguilar’s automobile was seized as part of the investigation.


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