what is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a Muslim’s holy month of fasting, self-examination and prayer for the followers of Islam. Fasting is a single one of the five major principles of Islam. Every day throughout this month, Muslims do not eat food or drink water etc. from dawn to dusk. They also evade impure feelings, immoral conduct, sexual activity and smoking etc. Muslims open their everyday fasts by distributing food with family and friends, and the conclusion of Ramadan is celebrated with a three-day holiday known as Eid al-Fitr, one of Islam’s major events.

what is the essence of Ramadan?

it is a period to exercise self restriction and self-image. Fasting is observe as a technique to purify the soul and have sympathy for those in the world who are starving and less privilege. Muslims go to work and school and be careful of their normal actions for the period of Ramadan; nevertheless, some also recite the complete Quran, say special prayers and join mosques more often in this period.

To whom it is obligatory to fast?

The Muslims who have touched adolescence and are in decent fitness are obligatory to fast. The patients and elderly, beside with tourists, expecting women and those who are nursing are exempt, though they are suppose to keep them later that are miss fast days sometime in the future or support feed the deprive ones.

When is the fast open and close?

The meal before the dawn during Ramadan is called “suhoor.” Every day’s fast is opened after the sunset with a meal called as “iftar.” Usually, a date is consumed to break the fast. Iftars are frequently extravagant treats celebrated with family and friends. The foods served vary conferring to culture.

Nowadays when Islam is depict as a religion of extremist and terrorism, which is not true. However Ramadan is wished all over the world to the Muslim community. Many are taking to their twitter handles to wish there fellow Muslims.