Final Fantasy XV
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Tabata, showcasing the next Final Fantasy during PAX West, explained how the character Noctis ages from by a decade from the beginning to the end of the game. This led to the question about why this character has aged.
Tabata said developers wanted people to feel the passion of time.

“And that they were an actual living, breathing, characters, rather than just symbolic characters,” Tabata added.
It took courage on the part of the game-makers as most players have been comfortable with their characters remaining static during the game, at least appearance wise.

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“Plenty of people that play Japanese RPGs expect a younger, fit-for-the-times character, if not a different style of character altogether,” said Tabata.

However, the company has expressed a desire to not only develop top-notch games for worldwide consumption but to grow as a media company themselves.

“The current technology allows us to do just that,” said Tabata.

From the beginning sequence of Noctis speaking with King Regis until later in the game, players can notice the changes in Noctis. Most notably of which is the now bearded figure we recognize later in the game. Noctis ages by as much as ten years. It has had some people asking why a decade?

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Tabata expresses that it had nothing to do with a specific number.

“The developers just wanted to express the passage of time,” said Tabata.

This will undoubtedly have people talking once they get their hands on the new game. The world can expect Final Fantasy XV on shelves November 29.

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