Billy Connolly posing for a picture.
Billy Connolly in his young days.

Billy Connolly, famous Scottish comedian is battling Cancer and Parkinson’s!

ITV presented a heart captivating tribute to the legendary comedian Billy Connolly.

Billy Connolly has been entertaining the audience with his wit for the past 50 years. He has recently shed light on his struggles with battling two life threatening ailments. The famous comedian has been battling Cancer and Parkinson’s. He claims that although this suffering has been great it did not take the life out of him.
Billy Connolly poses with Pamela
Billy Connolly is married to psychologist Pamela Stephenson since 1989

ITV has paid a heart melting tribute to this Billy Connolly. It left his fans in tears but those tears were filled with laughter. It was an hour long tribute. The tribute consisted of amusing performances from the famous comedian, interviews from his celebrity fans and his words on it.

Billy Connolly is 75 years old and was born in Scotland on 24th November, 1942. He landed his first acting gig in early 1960’s. He started performing with his confidante Gerry Refferty in late 1960’s untill 1971. His first job was as a welder in Glasgow. Later he tried his luck as a folk singer.

By late 1970’s Billy Connolly was a polished actor and a comedian. He his famous for his comic timing and non political humor. His niche is stand up comedy and he is certainly a maestro of his art. His humor is idiosyncratic in nature and off beat.

Billy Connolly has a fair amount of haters and critics due to his selection of topics and his deliberate cursing on stage. He has been voted as the best comedian of the decade and the best comedian of the era.

Billy Connolly has starred in a number of movies. The famous movies include Pocahontas, Indecent Proposal, Quartet, The Hobbit, Brave, The Last Samurai and the list goes on. His last movie was what we did on our holiday starring David Tennant.

2012 was such an awful year for Billy Connolly. He has since suffered from Prostate Cancer and Parkinsons’s. His spirits are high and he will always keep his audience happy. He hopes to smirk at his illness with his flawless performances.

We are so proud of this high spirited, legendary Comedian, Folk singer and actor. It is commendable how he has been battling with his ailments.

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