Saturday, May 8, 2021

Oxford Academic Celebrates Her 72nd Birthday by a New Powerlifting Record

Dr. Walter is a linguistics professor at Linacre College and has reached the goal in about 30 minutes only. The woman laughed and said that it was that easy that by the end she thought that why not to do 7.200 kg.

Catherine was inspired by the enthusiasm of the crowd, so she lifted another 660 lb. She confessed that she had even no muscle soreness the next day.

Dr. Walter said that she did everything right, she was in the good form, had a good sleep, and had a protein shake right afterward. There is a female college powerlifting team called Linacre Ladies that Lift and Dr. Catherina raised over £2,300 for it.

This fund is enough for sending student lifters to Glasgow to participate in the World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships at the early November.

Dr. Walter started powerlifting in 2012, and she is the holder of the world records for the squat, bench press, and deadlift for her age and weight categories.

The strong woman confessed that making big gains in small steps and adding a bit every week is one of the most important things about powerlifting.

The Oxford Academic has the bone density of a 21-year-old and her aim is to encourage everyone of her generation to break their own records. She says that after you are 40 years old, the bones and muscles deteriorate if you do resistance training. It is the only thing that can prevent the deterioration of the muscles.

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