Overwatch Update

Spook season is a merely weeks away and there just may be something festive planned for players of Overwatch. A recent leak reveals Halloween themed loot boxes and a visual on a new hero!

This year marks the first Halloween for the first person shooting game, Overwatch and there might just be a spooky event to look forward to, with the event comes new game difficulties, spooky loot boxes and a new hero named Sombra.

The rumor about the Halloween event being a thing all started when a few players noticed a Halloween Loot box on the Xbox Store, it was live, it was there but it couldn’t be purchased. It was even labeled “Overwatch Halloween Terror”

Aside from the Halloween themed loot boxes, another leak revealed what might be the 23rd hero for the shooting game, Sombra. The image of Sombra was captured from a website that is not exactly accessible to the public. Sombra is known as an infamous hacker and she used to be with the Los Muertos gang until she was later taken in by the Talon organization. For now, that’s all we have on Sombra since no details on what her powers are, aside from her high-level hackings skills.

There is also information on a new game mode that is all for the Halloween season. This game mode will give players an opportunity to defend castle doors against the attacks of Zomnics and Dr. Junkensteins evil allies. It is notable that the match may just feature three available gameplay difficulties, the harder the match the more points are earned.

Surely there is a lot of goodies to look forward to once the first Halloween event for Overwatch comes along.


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