The acquisition of Motorola by Google turned out to be the fate-changer for the company and Moto X was the beginning in this regard. Moreover, with its following versions also made tremendous spree and pulled most of the customers back to this smartphone dealer.

The coolest thing about Moto X was that it adopted alternate methodology as compared others while concentrating on experience and client confronting elements as opposed to crude specs and groups of fancy odds and ends. Moreover, with its 4.7-inch show and amazing 1280×720 resolution and being controlled by Motorola “X8” processor, the choice was the coolest one to opt among its competitors.

Something to really cheer about was its 10MP camera and the screen display and Touch less Control made people to think it as the best one out in the town because such collection of specification was not present in the competitors.

The offering of quick upgrades and new programming inclusions was the best and significant achievement in the later years. The Moto X offered a marvelous customization offer called Moto Maker, that enable you to customize the look of your smartphone with distinctive mixes of hues for the back, front and emphasize pieces.

However, with unsuccessful marketing promotions and negative reviews, the sale was not that expected and thus Google was compelled to sell it to Lenovo in mid-2014. The Moto X just stayed at its full retail cost for a short span of time and the device saw drop in price in just months after its launching date.

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