Once Upon A Time Season 6
(Credits : Youtube)

Now that the Once Upon A Time Season 6 Air Date has finally arrived on ABC last September 25, fans are now analyzing the latest revelation in the pilot episode of the sixth season of the show. In the said episode, there was a prediction that Emma Swan played by Jennifer Morrison, will be meeting her doom as per the newly introduced Oracle character in the form of a young girl.

Looking back at the sixth season’s pilot episode, released on the Once Upon A Time Season 6 Air Date last September 25, Emma swan was experiencing visions of a street fight happening deep in the night whilst suffering hand tremors. Yikes! All of which were happening while our protagonist was trying to find and save the refugees from the “Land of Untold Stories” While on the said quest, Emma caught a glimpse of a red bird and later followed its trail which later on leads her to a young girl who she later discovers to be an Oracle.

The Savior is ultimately threatened on Once Upon A Time Season 6. The young girl who introduced herself to be an oracle of some sort shared her visions about Emma and the approaching death that will be doled out by an unnamed villain. This served as a warning for Emma, which was not taken very seriously.

Considering that Once Upon A Time Season 6 may follow a cliché ending whereas out heroine would most likely change the future and survive, though the Oracle did mention that the future won’t be changing for anyone, all fans can do is wait and see how the Once Upon A Time Season 6 will actually play out.


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