Olympia Update: The 2020 Contest Is Postponed To December

The Olympia contest was previously planned for September. However, just like many other sports events, it may be influenced by the current situation. What will happen to Olympia this year? The official message of the IFBB Pro League may answer some important questions.  

This year has been full of surprises for bodybuilding fans. After the news about Olympia’s new owner – Jack Wood that shook the world of sport a few months ago, we all wonder which changes to expect soon. Moreover, the interest is overheated by the current world’s crisis and the Covid-19 epidemic. The trending question of whether the contest happens in time is finally answered!

According to the official statement of the Olympia management, there’s no chance the contest will be held in September as it was planned previously. Taking into consideration the world’s crisis, it was decided to postpone the competition for December 2020. However, this information may change if crisis and epidemic will not be controlled until winter.

The renewed data appeared on the social pages of IFBB Pro League and was verified by the current Olympia President Dan Solomon on the 11th of May 2020. The Olympia contest is not the only sports event that was postponed this year. Earlier the Athleticon managers also made a statement that the event will be held in December or later if the situation is not stable.

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