Olympia press conference

The Olympia press conference is the start of the main competition and each of the competitors has the last chance to present himself so to say. Now only their actions and physiques matter. Are we going to be surprised?

The Press Conference is the final promotion before we see the main show. Enjoy the best moments from the Olympia press conference below.

Big Ramy Is A Silent Kind – “That’s It”

They asked Big Ramy whether he could beat Phil Heath. He admitted that this year, he is different than before.  “This year will be something different. That’s it.”

Heath responded and explained why he is the best and that his seven Sandow trophies prove that.

Shawn Rhoden Was Just Speaking Facts

Shawn Rhoden expressed some strong criticism about certain poses of Phil Heath, “front double bicep… crap, lat spread… crap, side chest… he never does a side chest!” For that, he was confronted. Rhoden, however, responded calmly: “I’m just speaking facts.” The audience was geeked up.

Nathan De Asha Doesn’t Talk Much

Nathan De Asha was talking much about everyone who competes against him in the Men’s Open during last month. So everyone was surprised that he was relatively silent and short at the press conference.

He seems to be focused on actions now more than on his words.

Andre Ferguson and Brandon Hendrickson Talk About Each Other Again

Andre and Brandon seem to be back at it again. Though Andre tried to focus on the competition, he failed and they both started to talk about each other. It doesn’t make any sense, however, we’ll see how they perform at the stage this weekend.

Cedric McMillan and William Bonac Talked Much Too!

Cedric McMillan is well-known for his love to talk much. And he really has something amazing to say, as a rule. The press conference wasn’t an exception. McMillan said that his military unit was activated to help him with Hurricane Florence support. He talked about his family and friends who had to deal with the storm. And he finished his thoughts with the phrase “I live in the real world.”

Due to this, William Bonac was left in a bad mood. He noticed that each of the competitors has personal problems to deal with during their preparation for the biggest show. Though Bonac considered Cedric to be his friend, he still found his words offensive. It was pretty unexpectedly.

George Peterson – a Great back can’t stand up to a Phenomenal one

George Peterson appeared at the press conference with a big smirk on his face and lots of things to say. He referenced Breon Ansley claiming that a great back can’t stand up to a “phenomenal” back. He admitted that he is going to show something that the bodybuilding stage has never seen before.

Breon said that he thinks no one can beat his back.

Chris Bumstead Will Take the Advantage of His Youth

Chris Bumstead claimed that he is younger than the majority of other competitors and this gives him lots of benefits. And he is right, for now, Chris looks amazing and can make it perfectly at the Classic Physique. We’ll be able to check it soon whether the youth can beat the experience.



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