This time, the Arnold Strongman Pro World Series took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And a man from Ukraine became the winner. In 2018, Oleksii Novikov already won the Arnold Amateur world title and now he conquered the Arnold South American pro title.

Ukrainian Strongman is qualified for the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic.

Novikov took each event one at a time. He placed 4th in the 600 kg Sled Pull for time and would place second on the Circus Dumbbell for Reps with 6. Then, he would finish 2nd in the Yoke Carry and in the Atlas Stones, as well as 4th in the Deadlifts with 10 reps.

Mateusz Kieliszowski became the second. By lifting the 120 kg dumbbell for 7 reps he set a world record. He also became the winner in the Yoke Carry and the Atlas Stones. However, he completed just one rep with the 400 kg weight and finished the 7th. Novikov was able to become the winner thanks to that one point.

Estonian athlete Rauno Heinla took the 3rd place. He was 4th in the Circus Dumbbell Press, 6th in the Yoke Carry, and 3rd in the Atlas Stones. He performed well in the Deadlift for Reps and completed 14 reps with 400 kg.

Here are the results:

1st – Oleksii Novikov (Ukraine) – 36 points
2nd – Mateusz Kieliszkowski (Poland) 35 points
3rd – Rauno Heinla (Estonia) 34.5 points
4th – Matjaz Belsak (Slovenia) 26.5 points
5th – Jerry Pritchett (USA) 22.5 points
6th – Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia) 21.5 points
7th – Jimmy Paquet (Canada) 17.5 points
8th – Eddie Williams (Australia) 15 points
9th – Tiago Aparecido (Brazil) 9 points




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