Okanagan competitors featured in arm wrestling documentary

TV wrestling is well known to everyone. However, TV arm wrestling is a sort of an exotic curiosity.

Canada’s first documentary series about competitive arm wrestling featuring a man from Kelowna and a father-son duo from Penticton by Arm Nation was premiering on APTN on October, 20.

Picture This Productions is the producer of this show. And according to it, the show brings viewers into virtually unknown training, competitions, and personal life battles of over a dozen Indigenous men and women who compete in one of the oldest sports of the world.

Each episode focuses on two arm wrestlers, as well as their personal and professional lives. Viewers have a unique opportunity to follow along several arm wrestlers appear throughout series and tell about their way of becoming national champions.

The release of the documentary states: “Filmed across Canada, in large cities and the reserves of Eskasoni First Nation, NS and Peguis First Nation, Manitoba, the final three episodes of the series bring together all the characters as they travel to Nova Scotia for the Canadian Arm Wrestling Championships”.

Richard Hensen and his son Laisen are featured within the documentary, along with Penticton Métis who started competing only in recent years. In 2016 Nationals, Richard won the silver medal and has been training in a totally new style with the aim of winning gold for both arms at the next national competition, according to the release.

The documentary also features Frank Nuyens from Kelowna who trains differently from other average competitors, while “he uses only his work as a diamond driller to build muscle ” and “does not train at the gym”, according to the release of the documentary.

By the way, the release states that a new free bilingual mobile game is now available on the Google Play and the App Store and it gives players a chance to “learn how to counter basic arm wrestling techniques against the top arm wrestlers in the series”.


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