Last weekend Las Vegas became a meeting point for hundreds of bodybuilders and sports fans. The reason for that was the annual IFBB Desert Pro contest. It was held in the best traditions of Vagas and became a really sensational and bright show.

The event attracted both famous sportsmen and lots of talented beginners. While the competition is not as popular as classic contests like Arnold Classic and Olympia, it can become an important chance for lots of bodybuilders to be noticed.

Only two divisions were highlighted at the contest – Men’s Physique and Figure. The results of the Desert Pro are posted below.

Men’s Physique

1. Akeem Scott;
2. Bhuwan Chauhan;
3. Arya Saffaie;
4. Daniel Ammons;
5. Julian Colley;
6. Corey Morris;
7. Brian Lloyd;
8. Emanual C. Hunter;
9. Jakeith Robinson;
10. Louis-Dominique Corbeil;
11. Lindon Bond;
12. Kai Spencer;
13. Brandon Robichaux;
14. Cyle Rudolph;
15. Manny Andara;
16. Brodee Jarrell;
17. Chevy Phillips;
18. Dajuan Freeman;
19. Hygor Ponchet
20. Jean-Pierre Marshall;
21. Thomas Riley


1. Bojana Vasiljevic;
2. Ericka Morgan;
3. Lola Montez;
4. Chelsea Larson;
5. Karina Grau;
6. Wendy Fortino;
7. Desiree Alferes;
8. Queren Pacheco;
9. Joanna Jean;
10. Karen Noorlun;
11. Beckie Boddie;
12. Kim Clark;
13. Cinderalla Richardson;
14. Shelace Shoemaker;
15. Kandace Kuhnle;
16. Elise Verkuilen;
17. Heidi Larson;
18. Jessica Heath;
19. Karrie Kalbach-Alexander;
20. Krystal Ricci;
21. Loren Wilkins;
22. May Strickland;
23. Melissa Kelley;
24. Misty Wilson;
25. Osiris Trumpe;
26. Rachel Sedwick;
27. Rosemeire Freitas;
28. Silvia Kovacsova;
29. Susan Clark;
30. Tracy Shaaban-Dang

Figure Masters Results

1. Ericka Morgan;
2. Karen Noorlun;
3. Kim Clark;
4. Cinderella Richardson;
5. Shelace Shoemaker;
6. Silvia Kovacsova;
7. Osiris Trumpe;
8. Susan Clark;
9. Melissa Kelley;
10. Misty Wilson;
11. Heidi Larson;
12. Karrie Kalbach-Alexander;
13. May Strickland;
14. Elise Verkuilen;
15. Marguerita Maria Lulejian

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