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Oculus VR is undoubtedly the most mesmerizing offering from Facebook and kudos to the social media giant for this extraordinary achievement. The latest news has been an extraordinary one as we are hearing the news that the Facebook is receiving orders for its Rift virtual reality headsets as soon as its demo was presented recently.

However, no news regards to these marvelous headsets have been confirmed as we are receiving news as to when will these headsets be shipped and what will be the price of these extraordinary technology devices.

The Oculus VR software makers presented an extraordinary show with an alliance with streaming television powerhouse Netflix and the presentation at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles for keynote presentation. Speaking at this moment, the authorities said that believe to bring more power to people when it comes to having share and experience of all kinds of different things in the world.

Here, it is worth-mentioning that Facebook bought Oculus VR last year in a deal valued at $2 billion and thus declaring virtual reality as the next generation computing platform. The coolest thing about this awe-inspiring offering is that here you would love to travel to new places virtually.

Moreover, a lot is expected from this amazing VR in near future and for bringing platforms when it comes to best technological offerings and the inclusion in headset phenomenon is truly a milestone.


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