(Credits : wareable.com)

Virtual Reality being the most awe-inspiring phenomenon these days and that is why a need is felt on all technology giants to play their respective role in making this technology available to folks through their various programs. In this regard, Siri, Cortana and other few are some of the prominent examples of these offerings.

A notable presence in VR market is the inclusion of Oculus VR, which truly made spree with its initial start-up and was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion last year. It was believed that the mesmerizing Oculus VR would feature Touch controllers soon; however, the recent buzz about the news is that the feature is postponed until the second half of 2016. Moreover, the coolest thing about this gadget is that it is specifically designed to let people use hand gestures in all-digital environments.

It is true beyond the shadow of doubt that they have made notable improvement in ergonomics, and they are working really hard to make the touch even more effective and user-friendly. Besides, they are also implementing changes so as to improve recognition.

From the very start, Oculus has been working really hard to make virtual reality more amazing regards to customer perspective and that is why considered by many as a serious threat to its competition. More and more is expected from this amazing offering next year.


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