‘Ocean Waves’ U.S. Audiences Trailer: Ghibli’s Studio 1993 Film

'Ocean Waves' U.S. Audiences Trailer: Ghibli’s Studio 1993 Film

When a young man returned home after his first year in school, he remembers last year and fierce girl, big city that turned his world upside down.

'Ocean Waves' U.S. Audiences Trailer: Ghibli’s Studio 1993 Film

The new story of the downfall of the director Michael Dudok de Wit comes red turtle in January, but is not the only film studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki shot in US distributors in 2017 in New York GFilm, which specialize in independent animation films, brings a classic Study Japanese lost in the cinemas all over the country for the first time in a special 4K restoration: the waves of the sea, a 1993 film on television Japanese director Tomomi Mochizuki less known.

The film, an adaptation of the manga, was the first Ghibli film to be uncontrolled by Isao Takahata and Miyazaki. It is a thorough series of high school, without the typical magical realism of many Ghibli productions, but also for fans of Japanese animation and accomplices Ghibli, becomes a necessity.

The film will be December 28 across the country in January, after the first time in New York in some theaters.

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