Obsessed With Bodybuilding: Joseph Baena Can’t Forget About Gym Even On His Birthday!

Being a son of Arnold Schwarzenegger is a stroke of great luck, however, it’s also a kind of stress. Joseph Baena inherited his father’s genetics and passion for sports, moreover, he always has the best supervisor and cool training partner around. His father became his coach and inspiration in recent years.

After Joseph revealed plans about competing at the professional stage, he got not only support but also faced an army of haters and critics who compared him to his father. It’s not easy to stand such a comparison even if you are a son of the G.O.A.T. bodybuilder. Nevertheless, it looks like Joseph copes with that.

The development of Baena’s career goes a bit slower than his fans would want it. However, the young man keeps chasing his final aim and works hard to improve his physique. With each picture he shares on his Instagram, it’s more and more visible how much he took after his father. He has an incredibly aesthetic ripped body.

In addition, he may share something more important than the body structure and genetics with his famous dad. Joseph may be just the same obsessed with bodybuilding as Arnold used to be years ago. Recently we’ve got another proof of that.

The young man celebrated his 22 birthday a few days ago. His guests were invited to the gym-themed party and Baena could not stop thinking about training and sports achievements even in the middle of the celebration.

Does that really mean the young man can’t see his life without some bodybuilding trophies? Having such a start Baena has good chances to become successful soon!

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