nyoki nyoki tabidachi hen
(Credits: Nintendoeverything)

Nintendo will release Tabidachi Hen in 3DS on 24 November 2016. Rumors circulated that the company is starting its initial opening with 800 yens. The screenshot of each level has been marketed. The game is same as Tetris and Puyo Puyo. The player has to adjust the falling objects; they will be like small blocks of different colors.

The game is full of enjoyment even if you are playing it with CPU or any other partner. Players have to collect a block of same color, pill them together to form a long building. In this series, you can also remove unwanted pieces, as this option was not available in previous versions. The game has different levels; the player can go for any of its choices including “Story Nyoki Nyoki, Battle Nyoki Nyoki, and Just Nyoki Nyoki”. In addition to this power mood can activate at any time in the game, this will be a bonus for up gradation of player. In later stages, the player can also go for advanced stages where they can have a match with different teams. It does not depend upon the colors choice and levels; you are still able to go for battle. When you continuously play with computer players, soon you will get the registration of LV1- LV30. During the battle, the player is free to choose colors ranges between two to five. And it can play against the computer with same terms and condition which he wants.

Talking about the new version after Nyoki Nyoki, Compile is also going to launch it in PC and consumer devices, in order to increase its accessibility and worth. This game is just like Octomania, a puzzle game, where you have to prove yourself at every stage. Now waiting for the feedback it will generate by this launch.


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