Is the U.S backing off from the nuclear deal with Iran?
Rex Tillerson talking about the nuclear deal with Iran

Is U.S backing off from the nuclear deal with Iran?

For the past couple of months we have been hearing a lot of news about nuclear weapons, World war 3, North Korea and Iran.

According to the Secretary State Rex Tiller; Iran is a potential threat to the world’s peace. According to Rex, Iran was fulfilling the conditions of the deal.

The nuclear deal was made under Barack Obama’s Presidency along with 5 different countries. The United States of America has a lot of reservations regarding the nuclear deal with Iran since the national security is at stake.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaking about the nuclear agreement. But he told Congress in a letter that the Trump administration was reviewing the lifting of U.S. sanctions against Iran to determine if that was in U.S. interests.

What was the Secretary State trying to say in his press conference?

Rex Tiller claimed that Iran might be the sole sponsor of terrorism in this region. He also showed his concern about rising tension in Asia due to North Korean tactics.

So far he has not given any clue about how long will the deal be reviewed. What are the chances of U.S not backing off? No one knows as of now. Everything will be clear in due time. Right now the world is heading towards world war 3 and America is doing everything to not let that happen. The Secretary state will keep updating congress every 3 months. So 90 days before we know what is the future of nuclear deal with Iran.

President of the United States of America Donald Trump was against the deal during his campaigning days. During his past couple of months in the office he has been very harsh with Iran on a number of non-nuclear issues. Donald Trump has recently said in an interview that Iran has been testing ballistic missiles. Reports have emerged that Iran was supporting Assad and it might be sponsoring the Syrian massacre.

So what exactly voids the Nuclear deal?

Iran was specifically told to just discard all of its uranium storage but the reports have indicated its presence.

So what do you think about Donald Trump’s decision on the Nuclear deal? Is it best for the nation or is there any personal interest involved?

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