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Apple started its quest to increase song limit in iCloud in June 2015. Their song limit, at that time, was already 25,000 tracks which were at just half the track limit offered by Google as Google Play music storage. This limit was lagging behind in competition with Google’s as well as Amazon’s Music Library limit. Apple understood this lag timely and gave their consumers a competitive edge over their competitors’ consumers by promising to increase this limit to 100,000 by the end of 2015.

Fulfilling its promised

And after a long wait of six months, iCloud users finally got what they expected out of their all-time-fulfilling service providers. In early days of December 2015, Apple announced that after promising this advantage to their consumers they are finally increasing their limit for iCloud Music Library.

Consumers can access this storage facility by paying US $ 24.99 per year or they can have a monthly plan of US $ 9.99 every month.

iTunes Match

iCloud Music Library is a service that is included in iCloud services. This service uses Apple Music and iTune Match to work with. The service is available to be used by customers to enjoy music at any time by streaming their iCloud storage. The service which was launched in 2011 with an initial track limit of 25,000 tracks, always demanded this increase. As the Apple Music provides its customers a wide variety of music tracks to choose from, customers get frustrated with the limit Apple has placed on their choice. In past, iCloud’s limit to upload or match tracks was always making a problem for users.

A Promise That Needed Fulfillment  

However, June brought good news in this regard. Eddy Cue promised on Twitter that Apple acknowledges the problem this limit is creating and would eliminate the problem by increasing the limit to about 100K. According to him, this increase will accompany the release of iOS 9.

Making Slow Progress

Apple didn’t launch it awaited increase in iTunes Match limit in one go. Rather their customers started seeing the change with time. This was shared all over the social media by the users of icloud service. However, Apple didn’t officially announce the increase till December 201t5.

Some users noticed this change in limit earlier than others. And some had to wait for the update even after the announcement of Apple about the music tracks limit increase.

Customer response

As the increase was anticipated and well waited for the information about this increase is welcomed warmly by the public. The loyal customers of Apple gadgets and app now have as much as storage capacity as that of their peers using other services. And they are getting this with a brand name of Apple and a monthly charge of about US $10.


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