South Korea claims that North Korea is a failure at missile launch!

A day after the US warning North Korea’s missile test hits rock bottom!

Kim Jong Un’s latest plan on its way to completion or is it a complete failure? 

North Korea missile test carried out on the east coast fails.

According to South Korean ministry of defense North Korea carried out a missile launch earlier today on Sunday but alas it failed.

This is a developing story and no word of confirmation has been given out by the North Korean officials.

There was previously a showcase of missiles and firearms at the annual military parade under the regime Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.

Was the dictator Kim Jong Un giving a hidden message to President of the United States Donald Trump?

North Korea has already carried out 6 successful missile launches previously.

Is this a u-turn by North Korea or a genuine failure?

North Korea missile test fails.
Kim Jong Un showcased North Korea’s missile and launchers last weekend in Annual Military parade in Pyongyang

Last weekend U.S navy sent its US Carl Vinson strike group to North Korean region.

President of the United States of America has been continuously tweeting about maintaining peace in the Asia.

Donald Trump has stated in his tweets that if China fails America will have to take things in their hands.

What is Donald Trump up to?

Did the President of the United States Donald Trump meet the Chinese Prime Minister to discuss the peace situation in Asia?

After decades of trying no one has been able to stop Kim Jong Un and North Korea, is Donald Trump a triumphant?

Kim Jong Un was given this warning;the U.S is ready to attack and Donald Trump has been pressurizing China to maintain peace in Asia.

Are we headed for WW3?

Things are certainly heating up worldwide and in Asia, we pray and hope that the curse of WW3 just stays away from the mankind.

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