Since the announcement of the event WrestleMania 32 under the flagship of biggest play WWE, there had been many riots regarding every superstar. Either it been John Cena, Dwayne Johnson the Rock, Roman Reigns or the beast Brock Lesnar there had been news that they joined the event to be held in April, and a few hours later officials falsify the statement regarding the contract signing with these stars. A very same incident occurs in the last press news issued these are as follows. The tag team championship match is neglected in the event.

Women Fight

During a match Lana attacked Brie Bella, this act causes the heat in the audience waiting for WrestleMania 32 that there will be a match between two in the main event. However, it was also observed that so far Lana isn’t able to play an individual match. Yet if there had been any team match then surely Lana will be present in any of teams.

Steve Austin and Shawn Michael presence

According to the local news channel, it high on the key that both Wrestling stars Steve Austin and Shawn Michael will be making their appearances in WrestleMania 32. It isn’t still confirmed regarding the role of two famers yet their roles are locked about two weeks ago. There is some news associated with Shawn Michael that he will be referring the most awaited match between Roman Reigns and Triple H. though there is some news that he might be running a team just as he used to do with DX stuff. Making team and bashing into the situation where required would be Shawn Michael news.

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However, it is WrestleMania 32 isn’t able to create hypes as per its predecessors WrestleMania 30 and 31. WrestleMania 32 seems to be falling somewhat short of its expectations.  The reason for not getting so much attention is due to several injuries to the contesters and inappropriate booking. WrestleMania has been earning a lot for its host regions; so far about a $100 million had been gathered. If the time persists, then WrestleMania 32 seems to out blows all. The most expected match of WrestleMania 32 was a competition among John Cena and Under Taker. Both of the superstars had spent their time as to the top stars, but oddly enough, they haven’t had a match between them since 2003.

The major reason for not placing the match on the list was John Cena’s untimely injury. Undertaker had had a legendary career, and is arguably the greatest performer of WWE yet there is always a time and Undertaker is the verge of his career. On the other hand, John Cena has been a superstar equivalent to the Hulk Hogan, Stone Gold. Thus, there must be a duel among them since it’s too late. No worries though for the particular match there are several others to come, like of Roman Reigns and Triple H. yet the WrestleMania 32 has quite a lot of expectations and there are bright chances that it outnumbers other several events of the year.


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